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oprofile result from catalyst 13.4 freeze with dual 7970 Crossfire setup


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Categories: Linux

oprofile result from catalyst 13.4 freeze with dual 7970 Crossfire setup

Here is what I have done:

  1. Enable crossfire
  2. Start x
  3. start oprofile
  4. execute glxinfo
  5. Boom!
  6. collect oprofile data

I have slightly reformated oprofile output to just keep # of calls and function name:

1438298 OS::readPort(Asic*, unsigned int)
47365 KCL_GlobalKernelScheduler
41736 Asic::WaitForBitsClear::ConditionSuccessful()
25689 Asic::WaitUntil::WaitForComplete()
7253 KAS_GetTickCounter

After having waited several minutes, I have redone a second oprofile session:

256155 KCL_GlobalKernelScheduler
31828 firegl_hardwareHangRecovery

Note that there is no corresponding spinlock unlock or semaphore_up. I am not totally sure that oprofile is 100% accurate or if it does some kind of statistical profiling where you do not get a 100% accurate picture but since X becomes hang and unkillable, what oprofile shows seems accurate. fglrx is stuck in a deadlock.

I will redo the experiment without Crossfire to see what is the typical fglrx profile when invoking glxinfo.

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