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Categories: tutorials

Real case example of using the undocumented MFC class CFixedAlloc

I have writen a new tutorial that presents an example on how to incorporate CFixeAlloc optimization into existing MFC software.

You can read it here and leave comments on it here.


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Patterns for refactoring C programs with C++ (Part 2 of 2)

I just published the second part of the serie on C programs refactoring in C++. Here is the introduction of this tutorial:

In the first part of the serie, I presented guidelines that needs to be followed when someone wish to use C++ from C programs. In an ideal world, the old C programs that you want to port to C++ should be rewritten completely. However in the real world, due to economical constraints, this is usually impossible and a more gradual approach must be adopted. During the transition period, to maximize the benefits of using C++ and to not end up with having a program consisting of just a bunch of C interfaces with C++ implementations, you can identify some patterns in the C program and refactor them appropriately. By having gone through the exercise myself, I am presenting the techniques that I have discovered and I will be discussing the benefits and the potential pitfalls of these refactoring patterns.

You can read the rest here.


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Idioms for using C++ in C programs (Part 1 of 2)

I have written a new tutorial available on my website. Here is a small quote from the introduction that describes what it is about:

In this tutorial, I will introduce the simple guidelines and pitfalls to avoid when using C++ in C programs. The second part will continue by presenting higher level patterns to leverage the good software architecture patterns that C++ language facilities encourage into C programs.

You can read the rest here.


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Categories: tutorials

Alternative to MFC for GDI programming tutorial update

Following Carlos Fernndez feedback, he pointed out that in the function CGradient::InsertSort() used by the tutorial sample program, the variable j that was declared inside the for statement was used outside of the for loop block. Strangely, my compiler has never complained about the problem but since it was trivial to fix, I just moved the j variable declaration outside the for loop statement.

You can read about that tutorial at:

Alternative to MFC for GDI programming tutorial

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